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Newly Diagnosed: What to Ask Your Doctor


Updated September 12, 2007

If you have been newly diagnosed with lupus, or systemic lupus erythematosus, there are a handful of questions you should ask your doctor. Since a new diagnosis can be a confusing time, and questions and concerns may escape you, you should feel comfortable scheduling a follow up appointment to discuss these questions.

  • Could a medication I am taking be triggering lupus symptoms? A yes could me you have drug-induced lupus, a treatable version of the disease.

  • Could my condition be causing my symptoms?

  • What organs has the disease affected? Since lupus can attack many organs, you will want to know what it has already affected. This will help you treat your symptoms and related conditions.

  • Should I have a bone density test? Osteoporosis is a common side effect of lupus.

  • Should I be taking calcium or other supplements?

  • What side effects might I encounter with the medications you prescribe?

  • I’m pregnant. What should I be concerned about?

  • I’m planning to get pregnant. What should I be concerned about?

  • What lifestyle changes should I make?

  • What resources are available to me?


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