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Do I Have Lupus?

Lupus is often a difficult disease to diagnose. Check out this article that takes you from symptoms, to diagnosis, to coping.

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Is It Lupus? Understanding the Confusing Symptoms

Thursday February 24, 2011

Lupus is a disease that can go undiagnosed for years, largely because there can be so many varying symptoms, and the severity of these symptoms can come and go.

Quick Summary of Lupus Symptoms

If you're experiencing any of these symptoms -- or have in the past -- it's worth discussing with your doctor.

For an in-depth look at symptoms, see Signs and Symptoms of Lupus.

May 10 is World Lupus Day

Thursday April 29, 2010

The Lupus Foundation of America is hosting World Lupus Day on May 10. Along with events happening across the United States, organizations around the world will celebrate the day with the following events:


Lupus Canada

Event: Walk a Block for Lupus

Walk a Block for Lupus is an annual fundraising and public awareness event. Now celebrating it's 9th year, the Lupus Canada group invites people to join in the fight to bring awareness of the disease and raise funds to help support services for people living with lupus.

For information visit the Lupus Canada Group.

Lupus Society of Manitoba

Event: Walk a Block for Lupus

The Lupus Society of Manitoba will host Walk a Block for Lupus on May 16 at St. Vital Park, Duck Pond.

For information visit the Lupus Society of Manitoba Website.

Lupus New Brunswick

Event: Walk a Block for Lupus

Lupus New Brunswick will host a Walk a Block for Lupus event at Centennial Park. After the walk, the group will host a BBQ and raffle. Norma Reid, a lupus patient who carried the torch for the Olympics will speak. Ms., Miss & Miss Teen NB & PEI Pageant contstants will host a talent competition after the walk and the audience will particiapte in the judging. The Sky Lines Kite Club will also have kite flying.

Date: May 8 at 2 pm

For information contact the Lupus New Brunswick group.


Lupus Europe

Event: Various events

The Lupus Europe group will host various events across Europe to celebrate World Lupus Day.

Date: May 10

For information for locations, times and events visit the Lupus Europe site.


Care for Lupus

Event: Walk for Lupus.

At the Walk for Lupus event the Care for Lupus organization will also have free medical consultation, fair & bazaar, music concert, healthy life talk show and animated books for kids will be given out.

For more information visit the Care for Lupus website.

For more events and information about the World Lupus Day, the World Lupus Day site.

New lupus drug Benlysta passes second clinical trial

Wednesday November 4, 2009

The LA Times is reporting that Benlysta, a new drug designed to treat lupus, has passed an important second clinical trial. The drug's maker, Human Genome Sciences, plans to apply for FDA approval next year. If approved, Benlysta will be the first new treatment for lupus in 50 years.

In the clinical trial, 43.2% of patients who took Benlysta in addition to their usual treatment saw their symptoms reduced, compared to 33.8% of people on a placebo.

Riquent No Longer a Possibility

Thursday February 26, 2009

Earlier this month, La Jolla Pharmaceutical company halted the clinical trial of its possible lupus treatment drug Riquent. It was hoped the drug would stave off episodes of kidney inflammation caused by lupus.

An independent monitoring board called use of the drug “futile” after reviewing preliminary trial data. No new drug for lupus has been approved in 50 years.

There is just the smallest glimmer of hope, however, since La Jolla will have a chance to review the trial data and determine if its worth arguing against the monitoring board’s ruling.

Among lupus patients, La Jolla was considered “the little engine that could,” since Riquent is the only drug in the small company’s arsenal. Now that clinical trials have stopped, patients will have to look toward the next wave of possible treatment.

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