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Coping with Lupus


As with any disease, getting through those first few days of diagnosis and coping with the years beyond is one of the most important factors in leading a normal life with lupus.
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Everyday Life

Empower yourself with knowledge that can help you navigate, process, plan your next steps, and live a normal life.

Pregnancy and Lupus

One question that often arises in women who have been newly diagnosed with systemic lupus erythematosus is “Can I safely become pregnant and have a healthy baby?” The short answer? Yes.

Children and Lupus

Childhood lupus is not much different than lupus in adults. Many of the symptoms are the same, as well as the treatment. But there are differences, and knowing what they are and how to treat them will allow kids with lupus to live regular, happy lives.

Men and Lupus

Though systemic lupus erythematosus is often thought of as a women’s health issue, the truth is men get lupus, too. And while the prevalence of lupus in women is great – nearly 90 percent of lupus patients between ages 15 and 45 are women – men shouldn’t discount both the potential of getting lupus and the seriousness with which the disease presents.

Coping with Flares

Lupus patients often suffer unpredictable bouts of the disease – a flare – followed by periods of remission. What causes a flare is almost as unpredictable as when the flare will occur, but there are some common catalysts, and some common ways of managing flares.

Resources and Support

You may be surprised to learn of the strong community of people and resources out there to help you manage your condition -- and the array of challenges and emotions that may come with it. Seek out support that can inspire, guide and educate you.


Once diagnosed, a flood of question might enter your mind. Find many of them here -- and answers, too.

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