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Have you been diagnosed with lupus or know someone who has? Concerned what your life will be like going forward? Take comfort in the fact that the majority of lupus patients are only mildly afflicted, and their symptoms easily managed. Also take comfort knowing millions of Americans are living normal lives with the disease – and you can too.
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Tips for Caring for Your Skin in the Winter
The Top 5 tips for caring for your skin in the winter, when dry, cold air creeps in and starts drying fingers and cracking skin. Find out the top five ways to protect your skin from the winter chill

Your Lupus Diet
One common misconception for those diagnosed with lupus is that there are good foods and bad foods, and the inclusion or exclusion of those items will either exacerbate or alleviate lupus symptoms. The truth is that there are only bad diets.

Five Facts About Lupus and Aging
Those with lupus know it is a life-long illness. What many do not know is how the disease will treat them as they grow older. Here are five facts associated with lupus and age.

Planning a Pregnancy with Lupus
Planning a pregnancy when you have lupus is more common today than it has ever been. Lupus and pregnancy used to be considered two medical conditions that should never coincide. These days, women with lupus can successfully manage their disease and pregnancy at the same time, with the help of careful planning with their rheumatologist and obstetrician.

Starting a Support Group
If you are interested in joining a lupus support group, your first step might be to determine what is available in your area. You can do this a number of ways, including contacting your healthcare provider, contacting a local hospital and speaking with the patient advocate, or by using the Internet and other reference resources to determine what’s around.

Patient Advocates: How to Pick One and How to Be One
As a lupus patient, there may be times when your disease has such a powerful effect on your well being that you may not feel capable of adequately managing your healthcare needs, especially when it comes to navigating the healthcare system. When and if this occurs, you may want to consider engaging the help of a patient advocate.

Living with Lupus
Those who have been newly diagnosed with lupus may find themselves shocked at first, relieved, then, knowing what they have, and finally confused as to what their next steps will be. Find out here.

Tips for handling your lupus during vacations
Vacation time means fun time for everyone, including those suffering from lupus. It can be a frightening prospect to leave the safety net of home to go on vacation, but with some practical planning, lupus patients can have some time off too while still taking care of themselves.

What does Lupus Look Like? A Patient's Photo Gallery
Curious what a malar, or butterfly, rash looks like? This Flickr.com member, Chantal5000, shares some photos of her butterfly rash during one of her stronger flares.

A Man, a Bike, a Mission: Eradicate Lupus
In an effort to raise awareness about lupus and lupus sufferers, Australian Geoff Thomas, also a lupus sufferer, biked more than 9,000 miles across the United States in 2007.

True Story of Alicia Springgate, a Woman with Lupus
One of the first steps in dealing with a lupus diagnosis is coming to understand that you’re not alone. Here, the true story of a woman with lupus who was diagnosed after recurring bouts of pleurisy, lung effusion and congestive heart failure.

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