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Celebrities with Lupus: Tim Raines


Updated August 28, 2008

Celebrities with Lupus: Tim Raines

Baseball great Tim Raines

Getty Images

Baseball player Tim Raines has played for six Major League teams, including the Montreal Expos, Chicago White Sox, New York Yankees, Oakland Athletics, Baltimore Orioles and Florida Marlins. He is considered one of the top leadoff hitters and base runners in baseball history.

While playing for the Expos, Raines underwent a kidney biopsy and was later diagnosed with lupus. He sat out the remainder of the 1999 season (two months). He returned in 2000 to play with the Yankees and, later that season, the Expos. His last season as a player was in 2002.

Still active in baseball, Raines was the hitting coach for the minor-league Harrisburg Senators in 2007.

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